Aloha delivered Daily...

Aloha delivered Daily...

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We offer local Hawaiian products in our Baskets, supporting the Ohana and delivering Aloha!

We provide a full-service,  everything-to-anything Hawaii'an, Aloha Basket. Providing Aloha to Maui and and neighboring Islands, as well as Domestic and International shipping, we will find a basket to meet your needs and desires.  We pride ourselves on working with our Ohana, our neighbors, local artisians, creators, and small business owners, that live and thrive here on Hawaii. We also work directly with local Realtors, Event Planners. Wedding Cordinators, and with large corporate events to meet the needs of our guests.  Let Maui's premiere basket service work for you on what your needs are and how we can WOW your guest or cliente. Any idea or concepts are welcome, as we have the need to make you happy and to make that Hawaii'an visit, a memorable one!


Knocked it out of the park! Thank you.

-Michelle from Wailea

Featured Products

Aloha Picnic Co.

Arrival Baskets


What better way to welcome your guests than a locally sourced Aloha Basket? Welcome your clients with our affordable and thoughtful Aloha Basket filled with local products. We offer a variety of different options, each with quality Hawaiian made goods, sure to greet your guest with Aloha!

The Gift Baskets


Wonderful baskets to express your gratitude and appreciation toward your guests, clients, friends, and family. Show them how much you care and what they mean to you with the simple act of gifting a basket. With several options to choose from, including locally sourced baskets, we always deliver your Gift Basket on time, along with a warm smile, and we are more than happy to customize your Basket for any occasion! Gift certificates available. Priority shipping is also an option!

The Picnic Baskets


With our variety of healthy and locally sourced baskets, we will make your moment a unique and special experience to remember. Anniversaries, Honeymoons, Babymoons, Engagements, Staycations, or any reason to celebrate!  Several options to choose from, we will customize to your needs and desires. We offer multiple styles of baskets for any occasion, just choose the best basket that's right for you! Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan options for any order!

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"They were so helpful when I was trying to start my new diet. They made it easy and tasty!"


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"The catering for my business dinner was perfect and the staff were lovely!"


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"Make sure your try their cookie platter. It was a hit at my office!"

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Please note: this is a sample menu and is fully customizable to your needs

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